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Simple T-Shirt Mockup Template

Free Simple T-shirt Mockup

Creating a design for a women’s t-shirt is just the beginning of the journey. The next step is to present your design in a way that captures attention and showcases its full potential. This is where a simple t-shirt mockup template comes into play. A t-shirt mockup is a digital tool that allows designers to display their artwork on a t-shirt in a realistic manner. One popular style of mockup is the t-shirt on a hanger. This type of mockup is especially effective for women’s t-shirts, providing a clear and appealing presentation that is perfect for showing off designs meant for girls and women.

What is a T-Shirt Mockup Template?

A t-shirt mockup template is a digital file that allows you to insert your t-shirt design and see how it would look in real life. These templates often come in various formats, such as Photoshop (PSD) files, where you can easily place your design on the t-shirt layer. The beauty of a mockup template is that it takes away the guesswork. Instead of imagining how your design will look, you get to see it right away, displayed on a realistic t-shirt image.

Free Simple T-Shirt Mockup Template Preview

A simple t-shirt mockup template, especially one featuring a t-shirt on a hanger, is an invaluable tool for anyone designing women’s t-shirts. It offers a realistic and appealing way to showcase your designs, making them more attractive to potential buyers. Whether you’re a professional designer or just starting out, using a free t-shirt mockup can elevate your presentation and help your designs shine.

Simple T-Shirt Mockup

Simple T-Shirt Mockup Template

T-Shirt Mockup

Why Use a T-Shirt on a Hanger Mockup?

Using a t-shirt on a hanger mockup has several benefits. First, it presents the t-shirt in a natural, everyday setting. A t-shirt hanging on a hanger is something everyone can relate to, making the mockup feel familiar and accessible. This type of presentation can make your design appear more wearable and appealing.

Second, a hanger mockup highlights the t-shirt itself without distractions. The simple, clean look focuses the viewer’s attention on the design, helping it to stand out. This is especially important for women’s t-shirts, where the fit and style of the shirt are just as important as the design.

How to Use the Mockup:

  1. Download the PSD File: Locate a reputable design resource website offering free mockups and download the “Free Women’s Oversized T-Shirt Mockup” PSD file.
  2. Open the File in Photoshop: Ensure you have Adobe Photoshop or a compatible image editing program installed. Open the downloaded PSD file within your chosen software.
  3. Locate the Smart Object Layer: Navigate through the layers panel in the PSD file and identify the designated Smart Object layer. This layer will typically have a name like “Your Design Here.”
  4. Insert Your T-Shirt Design: Double-click the Smart Object layer. A new window will display where you can paste your t-shirt design. Save and close the window.
  5. Customize the Mockup (Optional): Utilize the easy-to-edit layers to modify the t-shirt’s color or explore the grouped layers containing special effects for further customization.
  6. Export Your Final Mockup: Once you’re satisfied with the final presentation, navigate to the “File” menu and choose “Export” or “Save As.” Select a suitable image format (e.g., PNG) for your project needs.

File Format: PSD
Layers: Smart-Object
Dimensions: 4000×4000 Pixels
File Size: 300 MB (Single PSD files)
Download File Size: 131 MB
License: 100% free for commercial and personal use


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